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If you run an hospitality based business then we can work with you to streamline your business and increase revenue.

What we do

have a look at the services we can provide for you and your hospitality business


Graphic Design

We have our own in-house graphic design department who can provide professional design work at reasonable prices. This fantastic team really help us to provide a one stop service to our clients who previously would be using multiple suppliers to cover everything we can supply.

Brand Identity

Every business no matter what sector it is in needs a strong brand identity. With so many hospitality venues all vying for the same customers it’s essential to stand out. With our graphic design department and marketing skills we can help create a full new brand or polish your existing one. Don’t let your brand be the missing part of the jigsaw to maximising your business.

Web Design & Development

You need a great website. It’s a digital age where people are booking more and more online whether via their phones or on a computer. If you don’t have a great website then say goodbye to a huge percentage of your web visitors. We provide a range of website options and online services to really help you grow your business and better manage your bookings.


Marketing can be a minefield at times and very hard to do by yourself when you are already flat out trying to manage staff, customers, admin and more. We can advise and supply on marketing materials such as loyalty cards, flyers, banners etc.

Social Media Assistance

Don’t see the need for a social media presence or just not getting any results from what you are doing on your profiles? We can help with advice, strategy, artwork and media for your pages and if you also have your website with us then we can even link that to your social media accounts so you only need to post once on the website and it will automatically be published to all your profiles and pages. You can even schedule a load of posts for differents days and times so you can get it all done in one sitting.

Media Creation

Have you seen those snazzy videos your competitors are using and think they are out of your reach? We can provide various options at affordable prices. If you can’t afford a on site filming then there are stock options we can use to promote your services and if you do want to go for a professional photo and/or video shoot on site then we can arrange that for you too.



No matter what kind of hospitality business you run the one thing you will definitely need is a professional quality print supplier and the excellent Printworks 247 happens to be a part of our set-up offering loads of print products at great value prices and even cheaper for Guests 247 customers who have a website with us due to an extra 10% off.


We can provide online live chat facilities to allow you to interact with your website visitors, answer their questions in real time and capture those bookings you would otherwise of missed. We can also help out with VOIP phone systems, memorable numbers and more.

Web & Domain Services

We can find your perfect domain name and register it for you, provide SSL certificates, cloud hosting, cloud storage, email services, website security tools and lots more.

working with you to create something perfect

The first thing we will do for any project is talk to you to make sure we fully understand your needs and enable us to create something that you and your clients will love.

what makes us different?

We don’t offer products that you couldn’t buy elsewhere, we don’t offer services you couldn’t get via various other suppliers so why use Guests 247? It’s simple really – Every service and product that we provide has been designed, scrutinised, tweaked and made to best suit the needs of hospitality business owners and staff. Our websites are not just an off the shelf eCommerce site that has then been modified a bit to allow it to function has a booking website for an hotel or restaurant – our sites are built from the ground up for YOUR business, YOUR brand and YOUR needs. Retailers have been using Live Chat for years now yet very few hospitality businesses do – we looked at this and quite simply said “That’s just mental!” – so we have solutions that are perfect for YOUR website. We provide printing of products that you use every day and plenty that you use for special events too. Our team is made up of a diverse group of people from different business sectors as well as experienced hospitality industry people. This gives us a broad range of skills that mean you no longer need to go to multiple suppliers to cover your needs. This mix of staff also means a fresh look at different things and some genuine clever thinking of how to best put our product range and services to use for YOUR hospitality business. We are Guests 247, We are Streamlined Hospitality Solutions, We are Hospitality.

We have just launched a brand new booking website www.bookdirect247.com that allows you to list your hospitality business but with one major difference to all the existing OTA’s like booking.com and hotels.com – It’s Free to list on and we direct the customers to your own site to make the actual booking so it’s also ZERO commission. There are a couple of premium account types that charge a small yearly fee but these are entirely optional and to get your business listed on the site you can do so for absolutely no money at all and never pay to receive any bookings either. Just a part of how we want to make your business better by providing as much as we can to help.

some of our recent work

here are some projects we have completed for our valued clients

Our Skills

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet (actually we do!) but we have a certain skillset..


Why aren’t any of the bars at 100%?


Because anyone at any stage of their life or career who thinks they have learnt everything they need to know and that they are at 100% of any skill is deluded. We proudly embrace new knowledge at every opportunity we get and we are then delighted to be able to offer an even better service to you and an even better product range. Why sit back on past knowledge when there is so much new knowledge just waiting to be absorbed?

  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • WEB Development
  • Marketing
  • Printing

Looking for the same services but for a non-hospitality based business? Just click on the laptop above to visit Brand Power 247 Limited who are our parent company and deal with all non-hospitality related projects.

teamwork that works

It doesn’t matter how good the team working on your project is if they don’t include you has part of that team. After all it’s your business and your brand.

We make sure to include you as much as you want to be included so that our work, works for you and your business.

Teamwork is Key

More Brains, Better Ideas

From Our Clients

Some words from some recent clients

Great communication with the Guests 247 team who carefully explained all the options and made recommendations that were perfect for my business and ultimately delivered a website that exceeded my expectations!

Charlotte Everall

Owner, Get Gourmet Catering

The Guests 247 team went above and beyond what is expected to deliver us a brand new website and social media tools in less that 2 weeks. Definitely the people to contact for a new hospitality website.

The Plume of Feathers, Harley

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